Mystics DVD
  • The Mystics DVD
    As featured in MAGIC magazine: The Mystics: A 50 Year Legacy chronicles the existence of the famous magic club from Long Beach that never grew up. The 54 minute documentary is now available on DVD. It features interviews and performances with many Long Beach Mystics legends such as Mike Caveney, Mark Kalin, Armando Lucero, Kevin James, Dana Daniels, Bill Smith, Randy Pryor, James Hamilton, Victor and Diamond, Michael Weber, Stan Allen, David Deeble and Les Arnold. DVD special features include a moment with Amazing Johnathan and a never-before-seen 2004 interview with the Late Billy McComb.


Recommended - entertaining, informative and well produced.

This is a wonderful DVD about a wonderful bunch of magicians who enjoyed a youth we all wished we had. Kudos to Ms. Jenkins! 
Steve Bryant
Little Egypt Magic.Com

It's great! I love it! Fantastic! . . . SO NICE to see such extended interviews with these people. And some of the clips of the acts are priceless - Michael Weber doing the straight jacket escape to SwanLake for example. I'd never seen that before - it's hilarious. And Armando performing his Matrix! Wow! Wow! Worth more than the price of the tape, as they say. In short, you have a very satisfied customer. Thanks.
David Jones
Melbourne, Australia

It was just great. Loved every minute of it. I could say so many good things about it!
Paul Adams
Paul Adams Productions
Mason, Ohio

I found the Long Beach Mystics DVD to be phenomenal. I loved every second of it.
Dale Mulhern
Absolute Magic
Salinas, California

If you take my advice and purchase this DVD, you will have spent the best 20 bucks you have in quite a while . . . . Not only did I find this film important, informational, and entertaining, it is truly inspirational. As the filmmaker lets the Mystics tell the story of their “little club,” the viewer also comes away with an appreciation of the recent past, pride of the present, and even some hope for the future of the whole art and craft of magic. Do yourself a favor and share in this remarkable experience.
Genii (review by Dustin Stinett in May 2008 edition)

This is certainly one of the best buys on a magic video in the market today. There is certainly a lot to be gained from this video other than the history, if one views with an open mind on how to be successful. Also, it is nice to see some of the original presentations.
Tom Taylor
Fort Worth, TX